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How We Work

Since 1997, GFI has been a leading manufacturing and problem solving company for the Hospitality industry. We thrive on providing and developing supreme design solutions for the manufacturing and installation of window treatments, bedding, pillow and textiles.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Our experienced team is equipped to handle orders from the simplest bed ensemble to the most sophisticated room design.

All installations are supervised by GFI employees along with a team of experienced installers. Our ability to operate 24/7 ensures your products will be delivered or installed on-time!

Our Textile division is comprised of a design studio that not only creates our running line but designs and engineers textiles to our client’s specifications too. We have the ability to produce original fabric samples within just two weeks. GFI converts in the United States, the EEC, India, China and Turkey where we maintain quality control offices. No product is ever shipped without it first being inspected by our facilities in Los Angeles or by our offices overseas. This practice ensures timely delivery of quality controlled goods. This process also allows us to confidently drop-ship to any destination without transit in the United States.

Window Treatments


Since 1997

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